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  • Kristi
    Office Manager

    Hey there, my name is Kristi. I am the Patient Relationship Manager at Aspen Family Chiropractic. When I first started this job in 2013, I thought I would just be considered the receptionist. I was entirely wrong on that assumption. I am part of a team that strives to see people get healthy; from the inside out! I have witnessed not only changes occurring in my own life due to Chiropractic, but I have seen patients change their health 180 degrees with great Chiropractic care.  I understand now that I am not just a receptionist, or even a front desk assistant: I am a team member, a life changer! Give us a call so I can schedule your life changing appointment with our fabulous team!

  • Kaitlin
    Chiropractic Assistant

    Hi I’m Kaitlin
    I am originally from Eastern Shore Maryland. I grew up on the water and loving the coast, but when I graduated college I got a job on the opposite side of the country and fell in love with the west.  I have been working as a wildlife biologist technician for the past few years.  I’ve lived in Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming and I have to say Wyoming is my favorite state by far! Recently, I’ve decided to change it up and pursue a career in the medical field.  I have worked as a nurse’s assistant, physical therapy technician and now I am working as a Chiropractic Assistant at Aspen Family Chiropractic!

    Aspen Family is the first chiropractic work I’ve done, and is also the first chiropractic office I have ever gotten adjusted in!  I will admit I was nervous at first, but Dr. Mandy was awesome, the nerve scan and x-rays let me see what was going on and the adjustments have been great! I have increased body awareness and improved mobility.

    It has been amazing to meet all the patients here, who are very much like a family! The people are amazing and I love how much AFC is a part of and gives back to the community! I’m looking forward to the future and can’t wait to meet to get closer to the patients we have and meet you awesome new patients!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "You guys are awesome! I feel right at home when I'm there and so does David. We are feeling healthier and have much less pain and tummy issues. We are so thankful for finding you all!"
    Courtney B.
  • "Here is a little something about my experience with AFC: For years I had been experiencing severe neck, back, and knee pain. I called for a quick adjustment due to severe pain and had just been immobile the day prior. I was quickly impressed by AFC after I learned about a treatment plan. After a few months, I am able to do activities I used to limit like jumping, dancing, and chasing after my toddler all day. I recommended AFC to my family. Dr. Mandy, Ms. Kate, and Ms. Kristi took the time to build a relationship with my son and he is now comfortable getting adjustments. Btw, Cody's massages rock! Thanks!"
    Lilia O.