As expectant mothers approaching a due date, you may be eager to hear if your baby is in position for delivery.

For your and your baby’s health and safety, your baby must turn into the head-down position by 34 weeks for an optimal birth. If your child is not in the optimal position, it may be known as a breech presentation. After 34 weeks, it becomes less likely that the baby will turn. If your baby does not turn, it is highly probable that you will need to have a cesarean or c-section delivery. At Aspen Family Chiropractic, we may be able to help you take steps to assist your baby into the ideal position.

Throughout your pregnancy, your doctors will be monitoring your baby’s growth, development, and movement with various testing. Ultrasounds are an excellent way to tell what position your baby is in. Often, chiropractors can tell what position your child is in, without an ultrasound, by pressing on certain areas of your stomach.

To move your baby into the correct position, your chiropractor will help to create the right amount of space your baby needs to readjust and move on their own. The Webster method is an overall name for the type of chiropractic care given to pregnant women. This technique focuses on realigning the pelvis, sacrum, muscles, and ligaments to make more room within the pelvis. By freeing up this space, the uterus is also realigned and freed of space aiding in labor and delivery.

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